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There’s this plumber that has been to my home about three times within the past four or five years. First of all, he really is a plumber, guys. So anyway, the last time he was here a little before the pandemic hit and the first was at a time when I was in a deep season of prayer. On that first day I thought he was there to just fix the sprinklers, but I never could have anticipated the Godly shift that would occur.

He is generally a very serious man, of very few words. He is a mature man, I am assuming he is around my father’s age or younger. At first his demeanor threw me off a bit, until I realized this enormous sense of peace coming from him that stayed with me. As he walked around and worked on the sprinklers, I was thinking to myself, this man knows Jesus. And each time he came to explain something to me, he got a little friendlier and friendlier… and did I mention his dry humor? He is hilarious… Anyway, I later learned that my assumption was most likely true, because the next day was Sunday, and he would have had to get a part and come back and he mentioned that it would have to be in the afternoon after he got back from Church.

Yet, believe it or not, it was just yesterday, after watching my regular online sermon, that I truly got an understanding of what occurs, each and every time he comes here. The topic of the sermon was peace and the Pastor mentioned that when Jesus sent out the seventy two messengers in Luke 10, he told them in verse 5, When you enter a house, first say, ‘Peace to this house.’” This morning in my meditation, I was thinking of that verse again and I immediately thought of this plumber. I am certain now that as a skilled plumber, he also sees each job as a genuine opportunity for ministry. He knows his worth.

A lot of times when we speak of knowing one’s worth, we think of the monetary value or perception associated with our skills and gifts. However, there is another thing that we must value, and that is our day-to-day walk. God has definitely shown me this over the years. For instance, this morning my contemplation also led me to when I wrote my first indie book. At the time I sent it to a few people and friends and they gave their feedback.

Overall, the response was pretty good. I remember also after it was posted on Amazon, most of my responses would come by email, especially after I did one of those free book offer days. Women would write and tell me how much they relate to my story. At first, I would thank them and engage in a little exchange and then kindly ask if they would leave a review for the book on the page. I knew that not leaving a review was not odd because I myself have to consciously make an effort to go back and leave reviews. So I did it a few times and then one day I felt something within me saying, “Stop that! That book was not given to you for your own recognition, it was given to you to help other people.” And man, did I learn that, and some other things about myself, because I am not going to lie to you, my head started to swell a bit and I did loose sight of why the book was written.

I had to become more appreciative of the kindness involved in the gesture of personally reaching out vs leaving a review. God showed me a level of humility to which I am so grateful for today. Now this is not to say that people who have written books and have gotten major recognition, especially Christian authors, are not humble. For I am sure many have paid their dues and earned God’s trust to carry out His mission. However, not everybody has a call to be highly recognizable. It doesn’t mean that one person is better than the other, but your call is your call and we all have to be grateful, regardless.

Yet, I know there are definitely times when people don’t operate quite at the level where God wants them to be, due to fear, etc… but we are living in a time when we think that people are not doing anything worthwhile unless they are appearing a certain way. And I know a lot of times people don’t necessarily mean any harm. Sometimes we even tend to put the very pressure on others that we would put on ourselves, which I get. I’ve definitely have had my fair share of dealing with people from my own vantage point.

However, the bottom line is, everyone must realize the unique stride God wants for them; how ever that may appear. We will definitely need to assess every now and then whether there is truly progress every time we place that one foot in front of the other, because the goal is certainly to keep pressing forward. Yet, never forgetting that the actual journey of developing a personal relationship with God is very priceless—as this is where we all discover our true value, and how to walk. This is while still acknowledging that there are so many ways to help people if that is where your heart is… people do it everyday. I have learned that just your very presence and every time you speak to someone are also opportunities to accept the call.


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Kaysha is a certified meditation teacher who encourages individuals in making regular moments for themselves, despite their busy or hectic schedules. This is by sharing the value of confessing and meditating on scripture, as well as the general importance of self-care.

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