My Friend (a poem)

A wise man once told me to give a little more attention to the people that love you over the ones you love. Because the ones you love are not always true.


It’s not that I don’t love you, maybe you’re just better at it than I do.

We have known each other since teens,

and you have always managed to let me be.

For many years, it was cordial, friends in passing—

but then you made it your goal to make me see,

sweeping in so swiftly when it is necessary.

Guiding and protecting…

Offering not the emotional, not the material, just the purest of love.

Needing absolutely nothing in return.

How do you do that?? I hope that’s how I’m there for you.

Yet you don’t seem to mind.

Why is that?

Friend, words can’t say how much you are appreciated.

It would take a lifetime to make it up to you.



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Kaysha is a certified meditation teacher who encourages individuals in making regular moments for themselves, despite their busy or hectic schedules. This is by sharing the value of confessing and meditating on scripture, as well as the general importance of self-care.

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