How to Meditate

Learning how to meditate generally involves focus. For a Christ-follower, this means putting your attention on God’s word. I began ...
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Why Do We Judge Others?

Have you ever passed judgement on someone, only to notice that same trait/behavior in yourself some time later? Or, have ...
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“Who am I in Christ?”

Who am I in Christ? This is one of the most challenging questions any Christian will face as he or ...
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What Does It Mean to Be Humble?

Dear readers, This is an article that I say God gave me, a few years ago. I believe this was ...
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What About Drawing?

Drawing can prove to be a very beneficial creative exercise, whether you can sense an innate ability to draw, or ...
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Conscious Love

Dear readers, This was a short piece I wrote a few years ago that I am led to share today ...
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What’s Stored in Your Alabaster Box?

In the Bible, spikenard is described as a very costly oil, which was stored in expensive alabaster jars (or boxes, ...
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C.S. Lewis’ Journey & Quotes on Faith, Life, and Spirituality

C.S. Lewis was an influential twentieth century author of over thirty books. His work, including, The Chronicles of Narnia, Mere ...
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Living Wholly

I, like so many, have probably gone the longest without seeing my parents. Yet while we are all living in ...
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The Relaxation Response

It’s no secret that stress can have a negative effect on our lives. The good news is, having an understanding ...
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Why Keep a Journal?

Journaling is a writing or creative practice, which involves documenting reflections, ideas and feelings; often in relation to specific occurrences ...
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Physical Movement: Fitting it into a Busy Lifestyle

Physical movement provides many clear advantages to the mind and body. However, today, because our lifestyles don't always require lots ...
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Honoring the Temple and Eating More Wholesome Foods

The key to consuming more wholesome foods is being more conscious of how we shop and prepare them. Whole or ...
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Scrapbooking: Tips for Getting Started

Scrapbooking is a unique and creative way of laying out personal or family memorabilia. It is also a great tool ...
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Getting Started with Painting

Painting is a way of creating art, and for some, an outlet similar to journaling. Pablo Picasso himself said, "painting ...
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