Covenant (a poem)

I am so grateful

for the covenant of Love

and the daily blessings it bestows.

In maturity, there is no need for attachment

no need for materialization

for the power and foundation of the covenant

is about regard for what God regards

and doing what He has instructed us to do,

not for our own benefit,

but for the benefit of the Kingdom.

Our covenant does not require what this world requires,

but faith, trust and facilitation of the plans of Jesus Christ.


With those things each day brings complete joy

and we don’t grow weary,

instead we run with every ounce of our being

toward everything

our ever gracious and merciful Lord has in store for us.

Workers of the law that coincidentally also practice lawlessness

will always try to tell you otherwise,

but those who have been truly impacted by the love of God

and rely on him wholeheartedly know the truth.

May God bless us all!




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