Hi, Joy (a poem)

I just finished dancing.

Yes, dancing.

And guess what?

When I dance in praise and thanksgiving

The Lord always reminds me

what joy truly is…

So, you ready?

You ready to give it a try?


Now, sway from side to side….


Take your mind off of EVERYTHING

and everyone.

Friend, to truly embrace it, your study can only be on Jesus.

So close your eyes,

and keep your inner vision on Him.


You still swaying?

Can I remind you of something?

The moment you woke up this morning,

there were new mercies!

I don’t know about you, but that made me move, shout

and even do a dip.

You still dancing?

Remember, everything is as it should be,

even this moment.

God designed everything

for your good.

Yes, He did!

Now do that move that makes friends and family laugh all the time, but they really think is so cute…

You are FREE!

You feel the LOVE?

There’s just nothing like it, right?



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