Those assigned to us for healing (a poem)

A friend, as the good book says: “loves at all times.”

But we can’t say the same for an assignment.

Those assigned to us are like sand paper —

they are there to support and partner with us

in smoothing out those areas that need attention.


A true friend will make you see and bring out

all the goodness and brilliance within you.

An assignment will make you see all the darkness and traits

that prevent you from realizing the fullness of God’s purpose for your life,

and in most cases, you play the same role in their lives as well.


A friend will be a steady source of support.

An assignment in most times never consistent,

because of all the difficult healing

and thus escape that is taking place.


A friend will most times let you be.

An assignment will be around revealing things,

even in those times when you want them to just go away.


Yet the wise figure out that if you escape the wisdom,

God will continuously allow circumstances to get you to do the healing.

And those who don’t give up on their journey,

speak of enormous victory.


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