What is your experience of Divine? (a poem)

Let me tell you a little about my experience with Divine.


Divine is not fully known.

In many ways it’s a mystery,

and an experience that can often seem like a mere whisper.

There’s no doubt that Divine is powerful beyond measure.


Divine is The Creator.

Scripture tells us we are made in its image.

So Divine is all around, existing even in places within.

Basically, there is no avoiding Divine—

This all-knowing Spirit exists for us to be actively involved in its groove.

Truthfully, I don’t know all the ins and outs of Divine, no one does.

But Divine seems to beat to the sound and being of liberation,

resonating so that all of its children can hear.


This is because, through Divine’s lens, we are all special.

And though sometimes really aggravating, Divine expects us to honor that—

even with those that intentionally or inadvertently cause us pain.

Yet Divine’s enormous love also gifts us its offspring, its Grace–

A Great Grace that all can receive

to evolve into the freedom of this never-ending beat

that we deem Divine.


Strangely, with all of its wonder, beauty and power,

Divine never seems to force itself on anyone.

It somehow gives us the freedom to choose our own way,

with or without acknowledgement.


And so it is too, when we choose to experience Divine among ourselves.

For, to experience it, it cannot be manipulated or bent to our own will

or timing…

Divine is such a hard pill to swallow,

especially when we have to accept that its sway

seems to only flow when we allow others to find their own way—

give them the space to heal, grow

and to discover the wings that take them to the heart of destiny’s abode.


But, until then, Divine has no clear reflection,

yet we experience glimpses

with the help of its guidance within the truth and description

of its own Word.


So, what is your experience of Divine?


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