The Biblical Path to Wellness (an interactive memoir)


The Biblical Path to Wellness is centered around biblical meditation and for anyone seeking balance and wholeness in Christ. You’ll relate to this book if you are yearning for more stillness, dealing with an illness, experiencing challenges in your personal development or in your Christian walk.

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In this written testimony, the author declares biblical meditation as the basis for her own inner healing and deliverance. Kaysha, both a trained Meditation teacher and Biblical Health Coach, shares and outlines a scripture meditation¬† technique.¬†Yet, as she addresses the benefits and transforming effects of confessing and meditating on God’s Word, she also challenges readers to apply it to each and every area of their lives.

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Kaysha is a certified meditation teacher who encourages individuals in making regular moments for themselves, despite their busy or hectic schedules. This is by sharing not only the benefits of stillness and self-care; but also the value in meditating on scripture and living from faith to faith by confessing victory with God's Word.

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